Call For Papers (ENG)

The Theatre Students’ Society of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków
is honoured to invite you to

the 6th Students’ and Doctoral Students’ Conference Theatre Imponderabilia

Non-fiction narratives in contemporary theatre

1-2 June 2019

Faculty of Polish Studies, Jagiellonian University in Kraków

Non-fiction narratives represent a vital part of themes in which contemporary theatre artists are interested. While history, biographies, political and social discourses are becoming an important material for performative arts, in the field of the theory of studies on theatre and performance there emerges an urgent need to survey this special kind of phenomena. Researching non-fictional narratives in performative arts should consider particular themes that are chosen to be presented on stage and artistic strategies involved in these presentations.

This year, members of Theatre Students’ Society of Jagiellonian University decided to invite international students to take part in the annual academic conference organised by the Association and the Department of Theatre and Drama. We would like to encourage participants of the conference to consider artistic phenomena that involve non-fiction narratives and those that approach the problem of utilising theatre as a medium for the telling of non-fiction stories. We are interested in observing alterations both in artistic language and in the academic approach towards it.

We would like to propose a multi-dimensional approach towards the main subject of the conference. Papers considering dramatic, musical, dance theatre as well as performance and interdisciplinary art and contemporary dramaturgy will be welcome.

We especially encourage papers dealing with:

  • documentary theater (from artistic, technical, and ethical perspectives) and its role in shaping the collective identity and memory;
  • increasing interests in biography in contemporary dramaturgy;
  • metatheatrical plays employing first-person forms with an autobiographical bend;
  • theatrical reactions to various political and social events which “make history” (eg. #metoo movement)
  • various ways of reconstructing, adapting, remixing and referencing classical drama, theater, theatrical life, both in the form of the plays and in numerous research and narrative strategies;
  • shows and stagings of historical events (eg. historical reconstructions) connected with historic anniversaries.

We are open to paper proposals creatively reinterpreting the abovementioned subjects.

Paper presentation time: 20 minutes

Conference fee: 50 PLN

Paper proposals will be accepted until 5 May 2019, and should be sent to:

Every proposal should include the following information:

  1. Full name
  2. Academic title
  3. Affiliation
  4. Paper abstract in Polish or English (1500-2000 characters including spaces)

All inquiries concerning the conference should be directed to: